Coffee In My Cup

I LOVE cute coffee mugs. There is something about drinking anything out of an interesting mug that I just really enjoy. I have been seeing so many cute mugs all over Etsy lately. It is taking everything I have not to order all of these!!

Today’s snow day would be the perfect day to curl up with one of these awesome mugs and drink some coffee/hot chocolate & catch up on my tv shows!

Coffee Mug Lovin


Currently Loving: Christmas Edition

Currently Loving: Christmas Edition
I am seriously obsessed with all of the things above. I am on a serious man hunt for a gold reindeer and a long sleeve red dress for Christmas party wearing. And of course Christmas isn’t here until you’ve listened to the Mariah Carey Christmas cd on repeat 100 times. I swear you don’t need any other Christmas songs than the ones on that cd.

Memorial Day Bikini Dreamin

It’s Memorial Day weekend and I am taking a staycation with the boyfriend since Mother Nature decided she still hates NJ. They are going to have enough trouble getting people back to the shore after Hurricane Sandy…but Mother Nature decides to make it a mere 70 and cloudy for the unofficial start of summer. But next weekend looks simply amazing at 85 and sunny all weekend!  So being the genius I am, I decided to make my own Memorial Day weekend next weekend. Better weather, less shoobies.  Win/Win.  So in the mean time I am stalking bikins on the internet and getting my workout on!  Please tell me I am not the only one who is obsessed with bathing suits? I have a ton….and I already bought a new one recently…and yet I can’t stop looking at them. And the act of bathing suit shopping, I mean actually trying them on…horrifying. But some how I just can’t refuse to open the link when Target tweets about bikinis. I am obsessed with this red one.  I don’t have a red bathing suit but I definitely need one in my life.  (Oh and I don’t condone those $95 sandals…I just picked them out because they looked pretty!  But the $30 bikini is definitely affordable and will probably even go on sale after July 4th.)

Target Red Bikini