Influenster J’Adore Vox Box Review


I was lucky enough to be chosen to receive the J’Adore Vox Box from Influenster. Above is a first look at everything I got in the box!



Red Rose Tea.

I never have been a tea drinker but this stuff has me converted! It was so delicious the Creme Caramel flavor was great. And they sent me like 4 samples of this which was nice to have more than once! I am addicted and devastated that I haven’t been able to find this product in stores! Gotta expand the search!


Hershey Kisses

I love baking with these things but the BF isn’t such a fan of them. So instead I have been having 2 for an after lunch dessert at work! It is the perfect little treat after my healthy salad.

Boots Botanics Iconic Clay Mask

I have tried a lot of masks…and overall I don’t think any of them really do anything for me, this one included. I break out the same time each month in the exact same place. Didn’t see any differences using this product or others.

John Freida Frizz-Ease 3 Day Straight

#1 I don’t blow dry my hair often. But when I did last week I gave this a try…but honestly my hair is straight 85% of the time anyway so I’m not sure if it actually works or not.

Kiss False Eyelashes

I haven’t had a chance to use this product yet! I didn’t want to just put them on to put them on – I actually want an occasion to wear them. Maybe for when I’m on tv in March I’ll give them a try!

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.


This Week In Coupon Land

20131120-170535.jpgAs you can see, another slow week for me. But I am in love with this haul because I forgot my wallet and still walked out with this stuff. Cuz it was FREE. Ahh Febreeze products are such a luxury item that I would never spend money on so it’s exciting to get this stuff on extreme sale.


  • (2) Febreeze Candles. – On sale for $0.95. Regular Price: $4.09 each
  • (2) Febreeze Set & Refresh. – On sale for $1.05. Regular Price: $3.89 each

Coupons Used

  • (2) $1 off Febreeze Set & Refresh
  • (2) $1 off Febreeze Candle

Total: Paid $0.00 for $15.96 worth of products!

There are some amazing deals next week – even before Black Friday!! I’ll be back next Monday or Tuesday with the best Black Friday deals.

Deals For Next Week 11/24-11/27


  • Glade plugins scented oil warmer – $1.25. Use this coupon. Pay $0 get $1.25 ECBS. Final price: $1.25 MM!
  • Colgate Total Toothpaste 4-4.2 oz – $3.00. There will be a $2.50 Coupon from the scanner. Combine this with a .50/1 Colgate Toothpaste coupon. Pay $0 get $2.50 ECBS. Final price: $2.50 MM
  • Starbucks Refreshers 12 oz or doubleshot 6.5 oz – 2/$3.00. Pay $3 get $3 ECBS. Final Price: FREE
  • 5 Gum 15 ct – $1.00. Pay $1 get $1 ECBS. Final Price: FREE
  • Ricola Extra Strength cough drops 4 ct – $.99. Pay $.99 get $.99 ECBS. Final Price: FREE
  • Somnapure 4 ct – $1.99. Pay $1.99. Get $1.99 ECBS. Final Price: FREE
  • Total Home Laundry Detergent 200z. – $1.79. Pay $1.79 get $1.79 ECBS. Final Price: FREE
  • Advil Film Coated 4 ct – $.99. Pay $.99 get $.99 ECBS. Final Price: FREE
  • Orbit Gum 14 ct – $1.00. Pay $1.00 get $1.00 ECBS. Final Price: FREE
  • Mycratine Homeopathic migraine relief – $4.99. Pay $4.99 get $4.99 ECBS. Final Price: FREE
  • Rescue Pastilles stress relief 1.7 oz – $7.79. Pay $7.79 get $7.79 ECBS. Final price: FREE
  • CVS pantiliners 20 ct – $.99. Pay $.99 get $.99. Final price: FREE
  • CVS Probiotic 15 ct – $9.99. Pay $9.99 get $9.99 ECBS. Final Price: FREE
  • Kraft Macaroni & Cheese – $.99. Pay $.99 get $.99 ECBS. Final Price: FREE

Rite Aid

  • Blue Diamond Almonds – $2.00. Use $.75 off coffee flavored almonds coupon. Pay $1.25 get $2 +UPS.  Final Price: $.75 MM
  • Jack links big dipper – $2.00. Pay $2 get $2 +UPS. Final Price: FREE
  • Kiss impress or nail design – $5. Use $3 off tearpad or this $1 printable. Pay $2-4 get $5 +UPS. Finale Price: $1-$3 MM depending on coupon used!
  • LA girl color pop nail polish – 2/$5. Pay $5 get $5 +UPS (must buy 2). Final Price: FREE
  • Quaker real medleys oatmeal cups – 2/$3. Use $1/2 coupon. Pay $2 get $3 +UPS (must buy 2). Final Price: $1 MM.
  • One time use camera – $3. Pay $3 get $3 +UPS. Final Price: FREE
  • Sinful nail polish – $1.99. Pay $1.99 get $1.99 +UPS. Final Price: FREE
  • Colgate max fresh – $3.50. Use .50 coupon. Pay $3 get $3 +UPS. Final Price: FREE

(Remember that Rite Aid +UPS take a day to load to your card. Plan strategically. I’ll be making stops at Rite Aid probably every day next week. Example: Monday buy the Kiss impress nails, pay $2-$4 OOP. Tuesday use that $5 to buy the Colgate and Quaker Oatmeal, Pay $0 OOP and get another $5. Keep Rolling)


  • Swisse vitamins $10. use $5 off coupon. Pay $5 get $10 RR. Final Price: $5 MM
  • Scope mouthwash 25.4 oz – $3. Use $1.50 off coupon. Pay $1.50 get $2 RR. Final Price: .50 MM
  • Tums freshers – $4.50. Pay $4.50 get $4.50 RR. Final Price: FREE
  • $.99 Butterball turkey bacon

Thrifty Thursday


I am pretty happy with all of the things I got this week. My Walmart finally restocked the $2.48 Tresseme and I had no problems! $0.08 off my printer I bought! I just now realize that in the picture you can’t tell I got 2 body washes or 2 nail files. Oh well.


  • Gummy Vitamins – Used a rain check making them $7. Regular Price: $9.29
  • (2) Revlon nail file – $2.57 each
  • CVS Men’s 5 blade razor – $7.29
  • Colgate mini mouthwash – On sale for $0.99. Regular Price: $1.99

Coupons Used

  • $4/$20 CVS coupon
  • $5 off CVS 5 blade razor – CVS coupon
  • $0.50 off Colgate mini mouthwash – CVS coupon
  • $2 off Sunbelt Gummy Vitamins
  • $8 Extra Bucks

Total: Paid $0.08 for$23.71 worth of products . Received $12 in Extra Bucks for next week!!


  • (4) Treseme shampoo/conditioners – $2.48 each

Coupons Used

  • (4) $2.50 off coupons

Paid: Nothing! I made 8 cents that I put towards a new printer. $9.92 worth of products.

Rite Aid

  • Colgate Max Fresh toothpaste – On sale for $3.50 – Regular Price: $3.99

Coupons Used

  • $0.75 off Colgate toothpaste

Paid: $2.75 for $3.99 worth of products and got back $3 +UPs for next week

Rite Aid Transaction #2

  • (2) Caress body wash – On sale for 2/$6. Regular Price: $5.49 each
  • Rite Aid brand panty liners – $1.00

Coupons Used

  • (2) $2 off Caress body wash
  • $3 +UPs from transaction #1

Total: Paid $0 for $11.98 worth of products and got $2 +UPS for next week.

Total For Week: $2.83 for $49.60 worth of products! And I have $12 ECBs and $2 +UPs for next week!

Deals for next week


  • FREE Sobe Lifewater! They will be on sale for $0.88 and print a $1 off coupon making them a 12 cent money maker!
  • CVS Flavored Antacid Chews are .99 and producing a .99 ECB. I have many many CVS red box coupons for .50 off making them a .50 money maker.
  • Clorox wipes are 2/$5, spend $15 get $5. That’s like getting 6 containers for $10 or $1.66 each. I am hoping to get a $4/$20 email to help bring down the OOP!
  • NYC/Wet & Wild/Physician’s Formula are all 40% off.
  • Progresso soups are on sale for $0.99. There are many different coupons out for this soup.
  • Swisse Vitamins will be producing $6 ECBs next week. Use (2) $10 off Swiss vitamin CVS red box coupons and there are various $/$ Vitamin purchase coupons out from CVS as well. Should also be a $7 Swiss manufacturer coupon. Pay really low OOP depending on coupons used & get $12 ECBS! WOO! Big potential money maker here

I Tried It For Free

Recently I joined a few different websites where I have been given the opportunity to try products for free!  I currently am a Bzz Agent and a Smiley360 Member.  I have had a lot of success with these sites and I have really enjoyed my experiences with them in my short time using them.  You may be wondering, is there a catch?  They just give you these items for free?  Well, yes, I do receive these items at no cost, but in order to successfully complete each “mission” or “campaign” there are certain tasks that must be completed in order to be on additional missions and campaigns.  The goal of these companies is to create buzz and interest in their client’s products.  Typically these are new product launches that would benefit from positive reviews on websites, YouTube Views, blog posts and more.

These are all of the campaigns/missions I have been involved in!  I have received my Simple Skincare line, which you can see in the picture.  Can you believe they sent me the moisturizer, eye makeup remover pads, and two different packs of face wipes?  I was so excited to try and review those products.  For that particular mission I posted my reviews on,,, and  Completing this mission raised my Bzz Score to 6.3!  High scores typically mean more campaigns.  I am currently waiting to receive my Green Giant Veggie Snack Chips & Got2B Powderful.  Both campaigns seem amazing and I am anxiously awaiting the mailman every day!   You can expect reviews for those products on the blog coming soon!

For Smiley360 I have been involved in the Campbell’s Go Soup campaign.  I unfortunately forgot to take a picture of the soup before I consumed it!  It was pretty good and they have a ton of interesting and hearty flavors.  They also gave me a digital $1 off coupon to share with everyone!

My biggest advice for participating in any of these programs is to

1.) Fill out all of your available surveys!  That is a big part of what will place you with a mission/campaign

2.) Be patient!  It took me about a week to be placed in the Campbell’s Go Soup mission on Smiley360 and about 2-3 weeks before I was able to join the Simple Skincare campaign on BzzAgent.


Friday Favorites…Freebies!

This Friday my favorite thing is FREEBIES!  This week I didn’t find too many great deals that I wanted to do.  But I did manage to score these awesome freebies!

ImageThe Clear Shampoo was free from CVS with the coupon from the magic coupon machine.  I also recieved $1.25 from Ibotta, making this a money making deal!  The Garnier Fructis shampoo/conditioner duos were on same at Target for .99 and I used a tear pad coupon I found in Rite Aid for $1 off that had no size restrictions.  So overall I made 3 cents off that deal.  The Loreal shampoo and conditioners were also free after a $1 off coupon.

But my best freebie of the week?

ImageMy free Victoria’s Secret gift card!!  And they even sent a Secret Rewards Card along with it!!  So in total $35 of free money to Victoria’s Secret.  I was beyond shocked that they sent the additional rewards card. I was able to get this because I happened to catch a tweet they sent out saying to call a specific number and leave a message with my name, phone number, and a phrase about living The Fab Life.  I never expected anything to come of it but then I actually got a call from a Victoria’s Secret rep!  Thank you sooooo much to Victoria’s Secret for this awesome giveaway.  Now I need to decide what to buy!