My Friday Five


This weekend is the Super Bowl! And while I am slightly depressed to not be hosting a party this year I am happy for the BF to experience his team in the biggest game ever.

While here in Philadelphia grown men woke up at the crack ass of dawn to drink beer, look at half naked women, and watch men stuff their faces with chicken wings. What does that say about the city?


I guess I’ve always been the nerdy kid who enjoys reading. My grandma would walk me to the library in the stroller when I was only months old, so I guess I kind of grew up reading. Which is amazing considering the volume of kids I met in school who simply HATED reading. It definitely was an asset in school and life I think.

I always have a TO READ LIST that is miles long. Some books have been on there for years. But even through college and working now and being busy all the time…I always find myself with at least 1 book out of the library at all times. And hey, I may have to renew the book 5 times to finish the dang thing, but I try to keep up with my reading.

So when The Broke Girls all discovered a shared passion for reading, it made me feel even more at home with the group. And despite our twenty something age status, we created a Book Club, your mom style!

January’s kick off book was Gone Girl. A murder mystery, which is typically not my style at all. But it’s good to break out of the comfort zone.

The Fault In Our Stars is definitely more my style and I couldn’t be happier to read this book for February. The movie version comes out in June and we all know the book version is usually better so it’s the perfect time to read this!


American Horror ended this week. And the only reason I’m not writing out what happened is because my own mother has yet to watch the last episode yet.

This was my first ever season of watching American Horror and I have to believe that people who watched from the beginning of the series would have been disappointed. There was no big twist, no crazy ending. It was actually sort of…happy. And I completely guessed the Supreme (sorry mom, I narrowed it down to 2 possibilities for ya!). And while I totally enjoy being right, I am disappointed for not being more surprised. Maybe I just watch too much TV.

Overall I  enjoyed this season. I really was glued to every episode. And it really brought Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac back into the rotation for me. I’ve been listening to them pretty much non stop this entire season. Even the boyfriend commented that he liked the Seven Wonders song.


I recently purchased something on VitaCost for the first time. One of the fitness bloggers I follow had a promo code for $10 off and so I purchased a surprise for the BF for Valentine’s Day.

You can get so many things from this place, it’s great! Vitamins, supplements, protein powders, gluten free, vegan, raw, and even health and beauty products!

Here id a $10 off code for all of you! It says off a $30 purchase but my purchase was definitely $22 and it let me use it!


The new Lilly Pulitzer spring look book is super cute. I am loving a lot of these items and hoping they’re in the August sale! Lots of blues for this spring.

Lilly Spring 2014



One thought on “My Friday Five

  1. The Fault in our Stars was so good. You’ll love that. 🙂

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