My Weekend In Denver

My boyfriend has been talking about wanting to go to the AFC Championship game in Denver if the Broncos ever play in it at home…pretty much since forever. And this weekend it actually happened!

After they won last week we quickly snapped up airline tickets, hotel reservations, and tickets to the game.

It is the most spontaneous thing I have done in my life despite having it hypothetically planned for years.

20140120-103034.jpgDowntown Denver was quite nice. They have a main street where all the shopping and restaurants are located and it’s so cute with little tables and chairs and horse drawn carriages and a free shuttle bus. I wish Philly had a street like that. They could really take some notes and transform Chestnut/Walnut Streets. And everything was so clean too. Makes you see Philly a bit differently. And the entire weekend was unseasonably warm – no lower than 53 degrees during the day! And 64 on game day!

We did a lot of walking around the city taking in the sights.We went to John Elway’s restaurant for dinner on Saturday and went to the Coyote Ugly bar.

20140121-053157.jpgSunday was game day and we were able to walk to the stadium from our hotel.

20140121-053215.jpgWe decided to go big and get 5th row seats! This was our view with no zoom! It was soooo close to the field.

20140121-053235.jpgPregame they let out a million orange balloons and had guys parachute into the stadium. Those guys are serious pros to land in such a small space.

20140121-071446.jpgPeyton at work! He had a great game!

20140121-071455.jpgUnited In Orange on their feet! Broncos won the game and are AFC Champions! Super Bowl bound!

20140121-053255.jpgIt was such a good game and only a normal level of anxiety for me. It wasn’t close in the end, thank god, because I don’t know if I could have handled it. The boyfriend was so excited after they won the game! Behind us they are setting up the stage for the post game trophy presentation.


They released so much orange, blue, and white confetti that the field and seats were literally covered in it. I took a video of this moment and it looks like it’s snowing confetti from the sky.


Here is a non confetti picture of Demaryius Thomas raising the AFC Championship Trophy.

20140121-053301.jpgAnd us post game! We were literally one of the last people remaining in the stands.

And now after a 10 hour day of traveling I am back in Philadelphia; hoping to not get stuck in this awful snow storm today. Stay safe out there today everyone!


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