Football Friday

So sorry to have been MIA for so long! The holidays were so rushed and busy that I literally just put away all the stuff the BF & I got for Christmas when I was off on New Year’s Day! And we won’t mention those bags of Christmas clearance items still in my trunk that I haven’t even brought into the house yet…

But rest assured I have posts planned in my head that I plan on working on this weekend! I’m hoping to shoot for 3 posts a week in 2014!

But today we are here to celebrate the PHILADELPHIA FREAKING EAGLES. Your 2013 NFC East Champions!

Never did I imagine 18 weeks ago that the team would be here. We were 4-12 last season! Last place in the division. Brand new head coach. QB controversy. And it just felt like a rebuilding year. 8-8 was my prediction and that was generous when listening to some of the callers on 97.5.

But here we are in the playoffs tomorrow! It just seems everything is shaking the Eagles way this year.

I’m doing a fantasy playoff thing for my parent’s work….here are my preliminary picks

  • QB – Peyton Manning
  • WR – Eric Decker
  • WR – Riley Cooper
  • RB – LeSean McCoy
  • RB – Knowsean Moreno
  • TE – Julius Thomas
  • K – Matt Prater

I may be extremely biased…but like I said before, things are falling the Eagles way. And I don’t see the Broncos making the same mistakes as last year…despite that nasty coincidence that the team who plays in the Eagles home opener has won the Super Bowl the last 4 seasons (would be Chargers this year! YIKES!).


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