November Coupon Totals

Pretty slow month here! 5 weeks and I only really shopped for 3 of them! Yikes. Just not that many great deals out there I am liking right now. Overall in November I spent $6.52 for $103.93 worth of products. Got a lot of interesting products…I really loved those microwaveable oatmeal; they were perfect for work. My boyfriend devoured those those Blue Diamond coffee mocha almonds. And hey I also got a free ticket to see Catching Fire (still have to go!!!) so really I should add an additional $13 to my product total.

Any good deals coming up in December I should look out for? There are tons of coupon codes out there right now to help with your Christmas shopping!

  • Bath & Body Works 20% off by using code BBWGIFT20 (exp 2/14)
  • Levi’s 20% off by using code GIFT20 (exp 1/31)
  • GNC $10/$50 by using code 22554 (exp 1/15)
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods $20/$100 by using code HGPT9273 (exp 1/18)

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