Christmas Traditions

christmaslinkup_zpsf327b3dbHolly is co-hosting a Christmas traditions linkup today and I couldn’t pass up a chance to post some old pics!

Really we only had 2 Christmas traditions I can remember.

#1. Going to Christmas Eve mass & getting together with my dad’s family afterwards.

#2. Coming home and opening 1 present which was always pajamas.

And now a dump of some old Christmas pictures!!Chels Pics 021Only the best Christmas tree. Those are pink/purple/teal/silver disco balls. And butterflies. Picture 003That one time I got a Phillies jacket for Christmas. Goodness I was pail. And why did I ever think having my hair up every single day like that was a good look? Also, PALE.l_7525ad9ed221c5dfbc58d2148af8586cChristmas card one year! n502750946_1629652_6695My sister and I always posed in front of the tree all dressed up before going to Christmas Eve mass.06_04This was the oldest Christmas picture I had on my computer!! Those are probably Pokemon cards?

Santa ChewAnd the Santa Chew! So precious.


One thought on “Christmas Traditions

  1. Dogs dressed as Santa are the best! 🙂

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