It’s Winter Time and I’m Getting Lazy

It’s freaking cold in the morning and being under the covers is looking a whole lot better than going to the gym. And sleep, that extra 30 min to an hour of sleep is just looking better and better. Especailly since I’ll be starting the normal 9-5 next week!

Which means my workout schedule is changing yet again!

I went from working out at 3:30pm when I was in school. To working out around 10am when I didn’t have a job. To 8am when I got a job. And now I’ll be changing yet again….to 7:30pm!!!

I am really nervous about working out at night. I am a big fan of relaxing and watching my shows at night. But the boyfriend has spoiled me with a DVR which will allow me to workout from 7:30-8:30 then shower and jump into my shows at 9pm…and fast forward the commercials! So spoiled.

I’m also worried about working out after dinner. I’ll have a good hour of digestion…but right now I typically just eat my morning smoothie before working out which is much less than a full day’s worth of food/fuel.

I also need some new interval workouts for the treadmill to keep me entertained and motivated. Look out for my favorite new find next week.

I recently got these workout capris from Old Navy!! I was so excited to get them because I was literally switching between two pairs of workout pants and just washing washing washing them all the time. I really love these, the XL fits me perfectly and hits at just the right length below the knee that I like. They’re on sale now for only $9! What a steal!

Workout Wednesday / Weigh In Wednesday


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