Five on Friday

1. I have three friends running in the Philadelphia Marathon this weekend! They are super badass and I am very excited to be a spectator at the event for the first time. I can’t even imagine running for that long, these are super amazing people.

2. I am completely obsessed with this Thin Mints coffee creamer. It is so delicious. If you’re a mint fan you need to go get this NOW!

3. Black Friday is coming! While I am working this year I am debating hitting the sales before work since they all start to freaking early this year!! I’ll have a post out the week of with some of my favorite deals! Mean while I hear Walmart has already lowered their video games to Black Friday prices – beat those lines!

4. Is anyone else watching American Horror? Coven is sooooo good. This is my first season watching and I am loving it. Really looking forward to Stevie Nicks making a guest appearance soon.

5. I’ve had a rough last two weeks of couponing unfortunately. Not many deals out there, and this week looks just as bleak. But Black Friday’s sales look promising! Lots of free items!


2 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. Stopped by the 5 on Friday link.
    I’m trying to get into couponing. What would your advice be?

    • There are so many good blogs you can follow that will do the matchups for you! Krazycouponlady is a great one. There are also a lot of great deal posters on Instagram. Start collecting coupons and match with the sales! Good luck! I love couponing!

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