Meal Prep Monday!

I am going to get super serious about my meal planning. Here is this week’s menu:

Monday – Crockpot Chili. I have never made chili before – this was super simple and really tasty. Boyfriend approved.

Tuesday – I’m working late so it’ll be WAWA Mac & Cheese for me and Lemon Chicken thrown in the crock pot for the boyfriend.

Wednesday – Crockpot Mexican Chicken

Thursday – Working late again. The boyfriend will eat leftover baked ziti and Caesar salad. I’ll probably have a bagel from Dunkin Donuts.

Friday – Pierogies & garlic bread.

Saturday – Zesty Spanish Beef & Rice

Sunday – Omaha Steaks seasoned steak, salad, seasoned red potatoes.

Hopefully I can stick to it! I hate not being able to make dinner when I work late. At least I can throw something in the crock pot for the boyfriend or have leftovers for him. Any good crock pot recipes I should try? Leave em in the comments!


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