Broke Girls Go To Sporting Events

Broke Girls Go Out

Things in Philadelphia sports currently are…a little on the down side right now. But for the broke girl, this makes for the perfect time to be able to take in a game live!

Stubhub is a great tool for getting tickets to sporting events, concerts and more. And when teams aren’t doing well you’ll often see prices drop. Here are some great deals for tickets in the upcoming weeks:

  • The Flyers are really struggling right now. You can get tickets for as low as $14 for the 11/19 game against Ottawa or the 11/21 game against Buffalo.
  • The Eagles are in a real transition period right now. The constant quarterback controversies, the up and down play of both the offense and defense…will the real Philadelphia Eagles please stand up? Currently you can see the Eagles play the Chicago Bears 12/22 for only $60! And depending on their performance between now…

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