5 Years Ago…

5 years ago today the Phillies won the World Series.

It is the singular moment that defines my decision to go to Drexel.

I was a baby freshmen when the Phillies won. Barely there a month. I was adjusting to big city life on my own. Doing double crew practices every single day. 6am with the men and 3pm with the novice women – and not knowing enough to know I was doing too much. On top of classes and practice I was staying up way too late watching postseason games that started at 8:30/9pm.

Somehow I scraped up the time and the money to go to 5 games in the months of September/October. They won them all.

I went to Game 2 of the NLCS all by myself. Just turned 18, little white girl, all of 105lbs (at that time!) traveled the subway and the stadium of 45,000+ all by myself. It sounds really crazy when I think about it now. But I did that.

I can remember the final game winding down. I put on all my layers (it was freaking cold!) watched the final out, and ran. We ran down the elevator, ran outside our dorm.

All the way from 34th and Arch to City Hall and down Broad.

Through the streets of Philadelphia.

All those people. All that excitement.

Who knows where I’ll be the next time any Philadelphia team wins.

2008 is a sweet sweet memory.


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