What I would buy if I was rich – Workout Edition

Today’s workout Wednesday is all about the products for healthy living that I would buy if I was rich! Eating healthy is so stinking expensive! My teeny tiny budget cannot afford all of the incredible products that I see all the awesome fitness blogger/instagram people using.

But here is what I would buy if I could!

Cellucor Protein Powder

Cellucor has these amazing flavors like peanut butter marshmallow and cinnamon swirl! Can you imagine the baked goods and shakes you could make with those flavors? AMAZEBALLS. $29.99 gets you 2lbs. Not that it’s not a good deal/value or anything but I currently still have a good amount of protein powder (plain Chocolate, boring!) and can’t bring myself to spend the $30 if I don’t have to.

PB Crave

All natural peanut butter made with healthy ingredients. Most flavors are gluten free! Look at thoes suckers and tell me they don’t look absolutely delicious. But $5 a jar is a bit much for me. That’s like 3 bags of salad. Or 3 weeks of banannas.

Quest Bars

I feel like you have to eat these to be a fitness blogger. Everyone has them, everyone loves them. But I just can’t imagine paying $2 for each simple bar?? And that’s at the 25% off price from Vitacost for this specific flavor. I hate to pay $1 for a bar.

Organic Whole Food Pumpkin Powder by Activz

This organic powder provides real color, flavor and nutrition for easy use in baking and food creations! Pumpkin is the hardest ingredient to use and keep on hand because it comes in a gigantic can and goes bad so quickly once opened! With this powder, use a little, use a lot, and it stays fresh for so much longer! But…it’s $31 for 10 stinking ounces!! I just bought a 16oz can of pumpkin for $1.99!!


The holy grail. Don’t have to fight over the remote. Don’t have to worry about being a sweaty mess (which I don’t really anyway). Just being able to run in the comfort of your own home. Not that I even have room in my apartment for one – but someday I will!

And now my nutritionist sister will comment and tell me that all of the above isn’t really healthy, like everything else I try to do. Such is life!


Workout Wednesday / Weigh In Wednesday


One thought on “What I would buy if I was rich – Workout Edition

  1. ha! Sounds a lot like my ‘wish list’ I made a couple months back on my blog!
    I’m stuck with some plain vanilla protein and going to end up baking with it since mixing with water pretty much sucks.

    I at least have the treadmill to keep me happy šŸ™‚

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