My stockpile!

I know this has been a long time coming. This is literally one of my favorite things about my new house. Previously my entire stock pile was in bags under my bed. Now it’s in my lovely stockpile room aka huge closet. So huge it has a light!

photo 5(2)This is a wide view. Yes, that is a book shelf holding my teeny toilet paper/tissues/ paper towel stock.   photo 4(2) Bottom shelf right side. This is kinda dark but it includes all of my feminine products, 28 shaving creams and some miscellaneous lotions and hair products.

photo 3(2)My incredibly messy pile of makeup and toothbrush products. I want to get tiny bins/baskets to better organize this into lip products, eye products and nail products.

photo 2(3)9 Body washes, soap, 12 deodorants hiding behind the vampire soap and 10 things of laundry detergent. Yes those are every fall scented hand soap from Bath & Body Works. BDay present from my dad 🙂

photo 4(3)Shampoo and conditioner! Around 26 in total – probably the biggest part of my stockpile. Sorry all my WEN is in the front there. My mom & grandma stocked me up for my birthday. That ish is expensive.

photo 1(5)Medicines, band-aids, eye drops, sunscreen, etc.

photo 3(3)Razors, air fresheners and Dr. Scholls.

photo 2(4)Nail polish remover, mini tissue packs, Epsom salt and TIDE dryer sheets.

The type of shelves I have with the little bars is so hard to stack things on. Every time I move something a million things fall over. But overall I am super excited to have this amazing stock pile closet and be able to see directly everything I have!

It’s also a lot easier when the boyfriend claims we’re out of toothpaste…I just ask if he checked the stockpile! There is no way we’re ever out of toothpaste!


2 thoughts on “My stockpile!

  1. Teeheehee! I love getting to look at others stockrooms! You have lots of little goodies! Great job! 2 suggestions, if you have a dollar store on your area that’s the best place to go for sorting bins. Tons of sizes to make your space work for you. And also if you are having trouble keeping items balanced on your shelves, go to any retailer and ask them if the have extra re-pack boxes. Cut them to the size of your shelves and TaaDa! Not more balancing acts! 🙂

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