September Coupon Totals

Another month in couponing has come and gone. I felt like I didn’t do too well this month…but overall I spent $3.30 for $121.42 worth of products! Definitely a lower OOP this month, but also a lot less product as well. Can you believe all of that retails for $121?? That isn’t even a lot of stuff there! And I obviously need more shaving cream, right?

photo(8)Here is my haul for the first week in October. I had a lot of ECBs to burn since I got $5 for reaching 10 prescriptions filled and also $5 for beauty bucks. I spent a lot of ECBs on this but I also got almost just as many back.

CVS Trip #1

  • Almay Eye Makeup Remover – On sale for $5.79. Regular Price: $6.49
  • Physicians Formula Lip Gloss – $9.99
  • CVS 5 Blade Razor – $8.99
  • (2) CVS Shaving Cream – $2.77

Coupons Used

  • 30% off Regular Priced Items – CVS Coupon
  • $5 off $15 Cosmetics – CVS Coupon
  • $1.50 off CVS shave purchase – CVS Coupon
  • $5 off CVS 5 blade razor – CVS Coupon
  • $1 off Physicians Formula
  • $12.79 Extra Bucks

Total: Paid: $0.42 for $31.01 worth of products! Got back $9 in ECBs.

CVS Trip #2

  • Venus Razor – $6.99

Coupons Used

  • 25% off – CVS Coupon
  • $3 off Venus Razor
  • $2 in Extra Bucks

Total: Paid $0.35 for $6.99 worth of products. Got back $3 in ECBs.

Total: Paid $0.77 for $38 worth of products. Also have $12 worth of ECBs to use next week!

Deals For Next Week:


  • Mitchum Deodorant is on sale for $1.99 and there is also a $1 manufacturer coupon. I have a $2/2 deodorant coupon from CVS which will make both of them free.
  • AJAX is on sale for $0.88 – there is a .35 manufacturer coupon and an additional CVS coupon which should make it about .11 a bottle

Rite Aid

  • Purex is buy 1 get 2 free. There is a $1/2 coupon and a .50/1 coupon on


  • Tresseme shampoo/conditioner 15oz bottles are free using the $2.50 coupon in last week’s inserts.


  • Purex is buy 1 get 2 free. There is a $1/2 coupon and a .50/1 coupon on

3 thoughts on “September Coupon Totals

  1. So, I’m mega jealous of your couponing skills! Thank you so much for breaking it down for the rest of us ❤

    • No problem! Hope you get some good deals this week! Check out some of my older posts for more tips and tricks for couponing and saving money!

  2. I love to coupon too! Coupons don’t seem to be a super popular blog topic but I’m glad I found another blog that talks about it as well!

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