Bikini Season Is Over! Bring On The Yoga Pants!

YESSS, cheers my friends, the dreaded bikini season has left us for another year. I seriously think I got myself into a bikini a handful of times this summer, which is depressing. One day I will have a pool and you’ll never get me out of that sucker.

But anyways, fall is upon us here in Philadelphia. At least in the morning anyway. By 1p you could probably still pull off a bikini if you really wanted to. But I am loving the change fall brings to your wardrobe:

  • Skinny jeans that cover my ginormous calves
  • Yoga pants that make the butt look great
  • Muffin top hiding sweaters
  • BOOTS that cover my non pedicured toes

But with fall comes the desire to stay in my warm bed in the morning and not workout. And to have that pumpkin beer. And make/eat those pumpkin spice cookies (get ready friends!!).

And all of those things are great….but I am determined not to fall off my workout / eating semi healthy lifestyle that I have built this year.

Just because my new arm muscles are hiding underneath sleeves doesn’t mean I shouldn’t keep growing them.

Just because my stomach is hidden underneath 5 layers doesn’t mean I should feed it like a grown man.

Here are my personal things that are helping me get through the seasonal transition:

  • It’s ok to have a shorter workout if you’re working out HARDER.
  • It’s ok to skip cardio in favor of weights sometimes.
  • It’s ok to have a small dessert/drink if you keep up with good eating during the day
  • Don’t fall off the wagon because summer will be here again before you know it!

Now go put some fall fashions on that worked out body!!

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