It’s fall and my nights are booked

FALL TELEVISION IS BACK! I could not be happier.

Here is my list of shows I will be watching this fall. No, this is not a joke. I plan on watching every episode of the following…I most likely won’t watch many of them live, but I’ll watch them all. I have a problem and it’s name is television.

Sunday – Once Upon A Time – 8p. Starts 9/29

The second season wasn’t nearly as good as the first. Hoping for it to rebound this year…if not I may just stop watching!

Sunday night also includes Keeping Up With the Kardashians and Eric&Jessie.

Monday – How I Met Your Mother – 8p. Premiers 9/23

This is a show I watch with my boyfriend. Over the past 8 months we’ve watched all 8 seasons of this show in anticipation of this final season.

Tuesday – The Originals – 8p. Starts 10/15

The preview for this was so great on the Vampire Diaries that I hope the spinoff can be just as good.

Wednesday – Nashville – 10p. Starts 9/25

What a great season 1 debut. All of the music is great, the story is great…hoping for more of both in the second season!

Wednesday will also include Survivor season 1,000. Sorry, it totally seems like that though. I can’t remember the last season I watched, but the hook on this one brought me in: old players versus their loved ones!

Thursday – The Vampire Diaries – 8p. Starts 10/3

My absolute favorite show. If I had to watch one show I would pick this one. So emotionally attached it isn’t even funny. And they have the hottest guys on television.

Big Bang Theory – 8p. Starts 9/26

One of those shows I tried so hard not to get into because everyone is into. But it’s just so funny and something quick and easy to watch with the boyfriend.

Glee – 9p. Starts 9/26

Oh boy. The feels are killing me. I almost don’t even want to. Truthfully I don’t think the show can survive and this will be the last season anyway. But if it starts to suck midway I am totally ready to drop it.

Reign – 9p. Starts 10/17

Eh, I’m gonna give it a shot. Seems like something I would like. I’ll probably love it.

Grey’s Anatomy – 9p. Starts 9/26

Ahhh old faithful. I’ve been watching this since day #1. And it’s still good.


Yikes that Thursday 9pm slot is golden huh?

And this doesn’t even count when Pretty Little Liars and Teen Wolf come back around mid season! This year in television is gonna rock and I can’t wait for it to get started.

What are you watching this fall? Think there’s something I am missing & might enjoy? Let me know!



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