Work It Out

Yay back to Workout/Weigh In Wednesday! Getting back to working out consistently this week has been fantastic. I am incredibly sore, but attempting to build muscle and torch fat every day! AlexInPhillyWorkoutNew

Here is a new workout I have been doing lately. After the second round you wanna die but then you realize you only have 12 minutes left and I get super pumped. I can get ohhh so close to 3 miles doing this. I usually finish it out to complete 3 miles – an extra 20 seconds or so.

I am in desperate need of new workout gear. I literally have 1 pair of capri pants I like to workout in. I have lots of rewards to Old Navy so I am hoping to find something there. Capris are rough for me since I am so short!

I am hoping to find something in the little girl’s section. The little’s girls section at Old Navy is the best kept secret…whereas their typical yoga pants are $33 the little girl’s are only $12!

I am loving these workout pants and these yoga pants! How can you beat $10?

Workout Wednesday / Weigh In Wednesday


10 thoughts on “Work It Out

  1. HAHA, your story reminds me of a guy I worked with in college at . He would go to the boys section at Wal-Mart (where we worked) and buy XL or XXL, and would save 5-7 bucks.

    Glad you consistently working out this week!! I need to do the same thing starting today.


  2. I need to buy new workout gear too since everything I have is too big now.

  3. Good job this week!

  4. Hello Alex,

    Thank you very much for sharing this. I think I need to exercise too in order to be fit and healthy.


  5. I wish my treadmill worked properly – I cannot change speeds without stopping it all together, unless the stars are aligned then some of the buttons will work
    Thanks for linking up – you are lucky you fit into the kids’ clothes – that was a money saving tip on The Today Show the other day.

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