Weekend happenings

I had such a great weekend and hope everyone else did too!!

First I made these muffins that I found from Pinterest! They are so delicious and I will definitely be making them again. Boyfriend approved.

Went out with some friends on Friday night. Wore my awesome Lia Sophia necklace that the boyfriend’s parents got me for my birthday.

And this is what happens what I ask the boyfriend to take a nice picture of us before going out.

Sunday the boyfriend and I took NY NJ and saw the Broncos play the Giants. The boy is a die hard broncos fan and this is the closest the Broncos will be to Philly this season. It was a really great game and the Broncos boat raced seriously kicked the Giant’s ass!

It is definitely an experience to drive fans out of their own stadium. They left in mass after the game got out of hand. Second time we got to witness that as last year the same thing happened when we saw the Broncos play in Baltimore. And then they won the Super Bowl

I also debuted my first piece of non Philadelphian sports related apparel. I love this new women’s jersey, fitted and sparkly without being pink. And semi affordable at only $50 instead of $95.


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