I loved this week in couponing


Ahhh look at all of this! This was an amazing week in couponing and it could have been ever better. Ever get up to the counter to check out and find you made a mistake, a good one, where you’re a few cents or dollars short of the ECBs you wanna use. And I panic because now there is a line and so I don’t make the most cost effective decision. That happened to me this week. I grabbed the toothpaste because it was on sale and close to the dollar amount I needed. But I could have gotten like 8 more shampoo/conditioners. Oh well.


  • (9) Gillette Women’s Shaving Creams – $1.98 each
  • (3) Neutrogena Mini Face Washes – $0.98 each

Coupons Used

  • (3) $6/3 Gillette
  • $1 off Neutrogena
  • $3.50 off two Neutrogena products

Total: RECEIVED $1.74!  Retail Value: $20.76. WOO. This also could have been sooooooo much better if I had bought the cheaper shaving cream…but they gave me trouble last week and these shaving creams were bigger and the girls’ version so I was still happy to make .02 off each shaving cream.

CVS Transaction #1

  • Revlon Eyeliner – On sale for $6.99. Regular Price: $8.79
  • Revlon Eyeliner – On sale for $6.99. Regular Price: $10.49
  • (2) Puffs Tissues – On sale for $0.99. Regular Price: $1.59 each
  • (2) Charmin Soft Toilet Paper – On sale for $5.99. Regular Price: $7.49 each
  • Charmin Basic Toilet Paper – On sale for $5.99. Regular Price: $9.39

Coupons Used

  • $3 off Revlon CVS Coupon
  • $4 off $12 Beauty Purchase CVS Coupon
  • $5 off $15 purchase CVS Coupon
  • (2) .20 off Charmin
  • (2) $1 off Revlon
  • $8 Extra Bucks

Paid: $11.53 for $46.83 worth of products. Received $13 in Extra Care Bucks.

-WAH so much OOP for this one. But we needed toilet paper and this is the only kid my boyfriend will use. And overall it was still a decent deal and I got more ECB’s back than I spent. Many people would still consider this purchase a money maker…

CVS Transaction 2

  • Crest Toothpaste – On sale for $1.99. Regular Price $3.99
  • (2) Head & Shoulders Conditioner – On sale for $1.57. Regular Price: $6.29 each
  • Pantene Ice Shine Conditioner – On sale for $1.87. Regular Price: $7.49 each
  • (3) Pantene Blond Shampoo/Conditioners – On sale for $1.62. Regular Price: $6.49 each
  • Scotch Mailer – $2.87

Coupons Used

  • BOGO Head and Shoulders
  • (2) $3/2 Pantene
  • $5 Extra Bucks

Total: Paid $0.59 for $46.40 worth of products.

Total For Week: $10.38 for $113.99 worth of products! And I have $13 worth of Extra Care Bucks to use for next week! 

Deals For Next Week


  • Barilla Pasta is $1. There are different $1/2 or $1/3 coupons out there. Good filler item.
  • Physicians Formula is spend $10 get $6. Hoping to use my 25% off with this deal to make it even sweeter.
  • Aussie Shampoo is 2/$5 and get $1 ECB. Use 2 $1 off coupons to make it $2/2 after ECBs.
  • Charmin Basic single roll toilet paper will be 2 rolls for .50 by using a red box coupon
  • Free CVS cotton balls with this week’s $1 off coupon printing the the red box.

Rite Aid

  • Dr. Scholl’s is B1G1 50% off and you get $3 +UP when you buy 2. I still have a bunch of $4 off coupons I play on using to make this a good money maker deal.

Again all Gillette shaving cream is better than free. Get your before the coupon expires!!


2 thoughts on “I loved this week in couponing

  1. Wow! I was bummed because supposedly at Walmart they had Gillette shaving creams for $0.98, but all I could find were the $1.98 variety in stock.

    I am totally going to have to start shopping at CVS. They seem to have some great deals. Do you need a card there as well (like you do at Walgreens/Kroger)?

    • Target had the small size for .99!
      You definitely need to coupon at cvs. You need a card but it gets you coupons that you can stack with manufacturer’s coupons!!

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