My visit to Lilly Pulitzer

I have the very best boyfriend in the world. I came home from working last Saturday and he said he wanted to take me somewhere secret. Turns out it was Lilly Pulitzer! He looked it up and found a store near us all on his own! So sweet. And then he told me to pick whatever I wanted for my birthday!

Lilly JaniceI loved the lighthouse print on this Janice dress! And the gold on the neckline was so pretty! It is hard to see the detail in this pic but it was so pretty. If they had it in my size I probably would have walked out with this one.Lilly Kirkland I am so glad I tried on these dresses before buying something offline! I would have totally bought the wrong size! And I loved this print online but hated it on me! Orange is not my color. Love the Kirkland dress though.  lillyromperColleen Romper in Dock Hopper! I so loved this and it fit so well! Too bad it wasn’t part of the Lilly sale today because I really did love this one.

lillypinkTA DA! This is the dress I came home with! The boyfriend loves when I wear pink and he loves anything “topless” which is legit what he called the strapless style. It is so cute and pink and I love it!

lillybagI am a very lucky girl!!

And what a great day for this post since it is the Lilly Pulitzer Endless Summer Sale today!! I am one of the lucky ones today – it only took me an hour to complete my order. I sympathize with everyone who is 2.5 hours in and still waiting! Happy Lilly shopping everyone!!


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