I Love Couponing

I love seeing so many things in this picture. I know when I have a hard time getting everything to fit, that it has been a good week. And a week that could have been so much better with 9 more Gilette shaving creams if Walmart & Target hadn’t shot me down on using the $6/3! If I had time to stand my ground I would have but I’ve been shopping before work this week and it only gives me so much time. Don’t worry, I’ll be back Walmart! And you will sell me those shaving creams and you will pay ME for them!!!


  • (2) Garnier shampoo/conditioner. On sale for $2.99. Regular Price: $3.99 each
  • Bauche & Lombe Sooth Eye Drops. On sale for $5.99. Regular Price: $11.99
  • (4) Gillette Shaving Creams $1.79 each
  • Cashews $0.99

Coupons Used

  • $4 off $20 CVS Coupon
  • $2/2 shampoo/conditioner CVS Coupon
  • (2) $1.50 off Garnier shampoo/conditioner
  • $4 off Bauche & Lombe eye drops
  • (2) $3/2 Gillette items

Total: Paid $1.27 (including tax) Got back $5 Extra Bucks. Retail Value: $28.12

Rite Aid

  • Stayfree Pads. On sale for $2.99. Regular Price: $3.98
  • Sally Hansen Salon Effects. On clearance for $4.98. Regular Price: $9.79
  • Chocolate Covered Cherry $0.33

Coupons Used

  • $4.99 in +UP
  • $2 off Sally Hansen Salon Effects
  • $1 off Stayfree pads

Total: Paid $0.23. Received $2 +UP. Retail Value: $14.10


  • Palmolive. $1.25
  • Lysol Hand soap. On sale for $1.99. Regular Price: $3.29
  • (3) Pro-Namel toothpaste. $1.08
  • (3) Gillette Shaving Cream. $0.99

Coupons Used

  • Free Lysol Hand Soap – (mailed to me! I signed up for it on Target’s site a while ago)
  • $0.50 off Palmolive
  • $0.75 off any dish soap (Target mobile coupon)
  • (3) $1/1 Gillette products
  • $1 off Pro-Namel
  • $2.50/2 Pro-Namel products

Total: FOR THESE ITEMS I MADE MONEY! I got overage on the Gillette and Pro-Namel. And then the cashier messed up and gave me even extra when she took off the bigger Gillette items (after refusing my $6/3 coupon). But overall I bought all of this and a POLO for my boyfriend and paid $5.70 (Men’s Merona polo’s are $9.99 and $30% off using Target’s Cartwheel app. What a steal!!). Retail Value of Target items pictured: $10.75 and I made money off of them! 

Total For Week: I paid $1.50 for $52.97 worth of products! And I got $5 Extra bucks and $2 +UP for next week!

Deals for Next Week


  • There is one of those deals where if you spend $20 on certain items you get $5 Extra Bucks. I am planning on buying 3 packs of Charmin for $5.99 each and 2 puffs tissues at .99 each. There is a .25 off Charmin coupon and I will be using my $5 off $15 which printed off every purchase from the last two weeks. So I will pay $14.55 and get back $5.
  • Revlon Lip & Eye Products are $6.99 and you get $4 extra bucks back. I got (2) coupons from the machine last week offering $3 off Revlon. Right there that makes it a money maker. There is also a $1 manufacturer coupon out as well. 

Gillette shaving cream is free/money maker pretty much everywhere! Get yours NOW!

BIC pens/pencils are also free/money maker at most places.


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