Loving On My New Gym & New Dress!

Firstly let me start my saying that KARLA got mentioned by the amazing SKINNY MEG today for Workout Wednesday!!  I am so proud! Go over and check out her workoutyness and flood her with even more followers and page views!

I have been able to do some new stuff in the gym lately because I have new machines to work with!


this my my new favorite thing at the gym! It is so much fun to do ab exercises on. I have been adding this into my every day routine!


Woo some guns! I am the world’s worst flexer.

I also love this machine because it is a two in one. The way I am doing it in the picture is like rowing! I can really see my arm muscles in the mirror when I do this. And it can also be used as a lat pull down, which I love to do behind my head to work the triceps! I am doing about 60lbs for each currently. Image

Work outfit of the day: my amazing find at Marshall’s! I went in to do some apartment shopping (and again was asked if I was shopping for college) and told myself I wasn’t going to look at the clothes. But this Express wrap dress caught my eye and for $16.99 I couldn’t pass it up. The three quarter sleeves are so versatile and can work well into the fall months. And the wrap is a great style for all body types! Hides a lot of imperfections!


3 thoughts on “Loving On My New Gym & New Dress!

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