How to Coupon At Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret, despite their crazy prices for teeny tiny fabric, has from time to time some really great deals.

First and foremost is the Semi Annual Sale. You can get the $60 add two sizes, pushup, fake boobs, best bra ever for a mere $25 – an acceptable price for a bra. And here is an extra tip that I just recently discovered. During the semi annual sale go on the first day and get everything you want in your size/color while it is still there! And then go back in 13 days and do a PRICE ADJUSTMENT! All of their sale prices go down even lower in the second week of the sale.

For the sale in June I originally spent $75 ($25 of which was on a giftcard!) and when I went back to price adjust I got $25 dollars back! That is a full 1/3 of the price back which is incredible!


I got this for freeeee

Victoria’s Secret allows you to use 3 coupon codes at a time. And sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can get a really good deal by combining them. About a month about they had these promotions going on

  • Free flip flops with any pink purchase
  • $15 off ANY purchase

So of course I bought $15 worth of underwear (which at VS is 2 pairs, so expensive!) and got the entire purchase for free! I only paid shipping which was $5.99 (and I paid with the $25 I got back from my price adjustment!)

So it is definitely possible to coupon other things besides food and toiletries! You just have to wait for the right sale to come along! Being on a company’s email list can make this easier because they’ll send all sales directly to your inbox! I get at least one a day from Victoria’s Secret.


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