Fitness – How Far I’ve Come

I was going through all of my notes on my phone the other day and found this interval workout.

photo 1

Now I kind of laugh at it because currently I would not do that workout. Fastest speed 7.2? Too slow to be effective for me currently.

Which is crazy because I used to think that workout was really hard.

Before I started pushing myself

Now 7.2 is like a warmup to faster speeds. I could run a mile in 7.2. Today I did one in 8.0 easily.

And no matter the non changes I see my my physical body I know that I am so much more fit and capable of a lot more in the gym than I was in January when I began making fitness a real priority in my life. When I started really making an effort to get it into my schedule every day.

I can run much faster than I ever even thought possible. I used to believe that I was a really slow runner.

And I can lift a lot more weight than I ever thought possible. Pretty much because I never really tried before.

Right now I am loving my new free gym that is a nice 1 minute walk through the beautifully floral and outdoorsy neighborhood I live in 2

I love that they refer to the gym as the “spa”. Sounds so much nicer! “I’m going to the health spa!”

photo 3Cardio area! And yes, it is typically this DEAD in the ‘health spa’! Which I love cuz I can do whatever I want whenever I want and not have to worry about anyone! New workout tank, which is hard to see, is a hand me down from the lil sis.

LINKUPS! Workout Wednesday hosted by Skinny Meg & Weight In Wednesday hosted by Heather @ Pretty Strong Medicine.


2 thoughts on “Fitness – How Far I’ve Come

  1. I like the health spa title too lol – I am working up to running so 7.2 seems fast to me, but that is neat that over a year later you think it is a warm up – there is hope!
    Thanks for linking up!

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