My Thoughts On Riley Cooper

I have so many thoughts on this topic. I’ve listened to hours upon hours of sports radio on this subject. Talked at length with the boyfriend and friends on the topic. And I am so sick of this story, especially now that he has been “excused from team activities.” 20 years ago if anyone did this nobody would be any wiser. The society in which we live in where everyone has fingertip access to a video camera 24/7. That is the only reason this got out. Some guy with a video camera. Unnecessary.

Obviously I don’t agree with what Riley did. Obviously I am not defending him. But people – he said some words. Yes, I know the connotation and meaning of that word is not nice. But it is a WORD. Words have power if you give them power. And the media right now is giving this word some serious power. He didn’t harm anyone. He didn’t break a law. He didn’t get arrested. He got caught, was fined, and will have to face his African American teammates, and African American opponents for the rest of his career. And really, I would be shocked if he got through the season uninjured.

But really to me – the message that this is sending from the Eagles – and from anyone who thinks Riley should be CUT – is that you would rather see your players DRIVE DRUNK, DO ILLEGAL DRUGS, & BEAT THEIR WIVES – rather than call someone an “offensive” name. That is where I can’t get over this story.

  • NFL Arrest Database. 33 players have been arrested since the SuperBowl. And only 5 of them were cut. And hey, the Dolphins picked up Evan Rodriguez (who was arrested TWICE this offseason)
  • LeSean MCcoy calls his baby mama “broke, worthless” on Twitter. And now McCoy says he has “lost respect” for Cooper.
  • -Cowboy’s Josh Brent kills teammate while driving drunk. Cowboys let him stay on team. He retired last month because he is facing some serious charges in court.

Let’s forget about this and move on.

Because really, if this had never happened, we’d all be bitching about how the Phillies made ZERO moves at the trade deadline. Seriously, trade deadline was 4pm Wednesday and this Riley story dropped at almost that exact time? Ruban Amaro owes Riley Cooper a HUGE check, and a fruit basket.


One thought on “My Thoughts On Riley Cooper

  1. THANK YOU! I am so glad that someone commented on this stupid media craze. I was reading an article with similar opinions earlier today and it said that if the media is going to negatively fixate on a situation like this, then they should also talk about all the rappers (and people who support them) who use the same word in their music. I completely agree that it would be shocking if he isn’t injured midway through the season, but I would be even more shocked if this isn’t brought up during every game commentary. Eagles football is embarrassing and the season hasn’t even started yet! Yikes.

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