Move Your Body (shape)

Workout Wednesday linkup queen Skinny Meg posted this link on her Facebook on Monday and I thought it was quite fascinating.

The website is right, we do mostly focus on our flaws which effects our perception about our body and our body shape.

Take that quiz and see just how off you are about your body shape. I was 3 away from what I actually am. The website also told me I was the “perfect pair” which of course I already knew. I have been taking ‘how to dress for your body type’ quizzes in magazines since I was 12.

Any way. Now that we all feel better about ourselves let’s keep it going with some positive endorphins!


I’ve been seriously sweating it out on the stair master lately. It is so appealing because it gives me time to read which I really am not doing at all outside of the gym since I have started working. I wonder if I am going to get into a rut with it….but I do different levels and intensities and different amounts of time. And I still sweat buckets while doing it. And it is still reallllly difficult.

Along with that I have been working in weights and my interval runs as well. I have seen a lot of improvement with how much weight I am lifting. Whereas last week I was doing triceps press at 60lbs I can now do it at 70lbs. Gotta keep pushing!

Today my calves were pretty sore after my run and even more sore after getting off the elliptical. Good thing I am taking tomorrow off from the gym in exchange for moving. Lifting heavy boxes and putting them down is kinda like weight training right?


4 thoughts on “Move Your Body (shape)

  1. I was 30% smaller than I thought I was! I couldn’t believe the results!

  2. Women are way too hard on themselves. Men can have guts hanging over their belts and they think they are studs.

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