Ritas Candyland

Confession: I am on of those people who is incredibly tempted by these type of ‘collect and win’ games. I almost even bought something at McDonald’s in order to play their Monopoly game. Now Rita’s has came out with their own version this summer!

Currently through August 18th you can buy any regular or large sized item at Rita’s and get a game piece!

The boyfriend and I recently took a trip to Rita’s to start collecting some game pieces and we are already half way to winning the family vacation to Florida! ritas1The boyfriend always gets “his lemonade” as he calls it. AKA Alex’s Lemonade. It is the only flavor he ever gets from Rita’s. So boring.

ritas3I on the other hand got a Blendini which consisted of cookie dough water ice, vanilla ice cream, and Reese’s peanut butter cups.

ritas2Here are my game pieces before I removed them! It is so exciting to see what you got. With each item you get two different game pieces.

photo(1)My pieces were Lord Licorice & 10% off at Hasbrotoyshop.com while the boyfriend got Rita’s Ice Guy & a free kid’s sized ice! I love getting free items!

My attempt at healthy eating is seriously in trouble since there is a Rita’s right near my new job! So tempting!


Disclaimer: Rita’s did send me coupons all but opinions are my own. I have been going to Rita’s since I was little and would always recommend them!


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