I want it I want it

Oh the dangerous want monster. Currently I am going through a big Lilly Pulitzer obsession. Dangerous because Lilly is way out of my price range. So what does a savy & frugal girl do? Search for alternatives ways to buy of course! Here are some of the ways I am currently searching for my loved Lilly items while not completely breaking the bank.

1.) RueLaLa.com. If you’ve never heard of them, they sell a lot of designer names at discount prices. Their sales are all flash sales that range in time span and you never know what will pop up when! Last night Lilly showed up in the Sunday night style showdown and there were a few dresses for $39! If anyone needs a referral link for RueLaLa click here.

2.) Re-Lilly group on Facebook. This is a group where people post what Lilly items they have sale or swap that are either never worn or gently worn. A lot of times at half the price or more.

3.) I am completely stalking the #lillypulitzer on Instagram. People post items for sale, when Lilly is on sale at a certain location, when Lilly pops up on RueLaLa.com and just general cute pics of people wearing their Lilly. From Instagram I have also seen that some Lilly housewear items (wine glasses, plates, pitchers, trays, etc) are popping up at TJMAxx and Marshalls for SOOOO CHEAP. If anyone spots these in a store in PA/NJ please let me know!


4.) And Ebay of course! Never know what will pop up and at what price. I have a million saved searches and check daily.

Here are some of my most saught after items! I love everything in the prints Dock Hopper, Let’s Cha Cha, You Gotta Regatta, Ahoy There and Gimme Some Leg!


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