Weekend Shenanigans

Linking up with Sami for Weekend Shenanigans!!

Friday night the girls and I took in a show! We went to see Grease.girlsnight2Before hand we went to a local bar, MilkBoy for drinks.

My skinny colada is the one of the right and was only 100 calories and so delicious!

Saturday I went to six flags with a bunch of friends. It was such a weird day weather wise because we started the day sweating to death but ended it cold and rainy!

Went on tons of rides. At the end of the day we were getting ready to ride Batman…literally sitting on the ride buckled in and everything and they close rides for lightning in the area.

So we went to get ice cream! Then the boys wanted to do the guess your weight game and won us superman capes!


Don’t they look cute?

After ice cream we walked back over and the rides were opened again! Got to ride my favorite roller coaster, NITRO.nitro

On the way out of the park we spotted Wonder Woman and Batman and got this awesome photo op.


My Wonder Woman cape is the coolest.

Today I am a real grown up woman as I have my first day of work today!


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