Why Are You Working Out?

Workout Wednesday and I was not feeling so hot for my workout today. For some reason I could only get through 8/10 of my quarter mile sprints, which is so unlike me. I am kinda sore from yesterday’s workout and I guess my body isn’t responding well to me upping my cardio lately. Oh well. So I hopped on the stair master for some different cardio.

readingToday’s stair master reading. No, I don’t have children, no I am not pregnant (leave that to our lovely linkup host, PREG MEG!) But this is a topic that I am very interested in. How the media and corporations have effected the state of girls and women in society. The early sexualization of girls, the princessization of little girls, how women now need to have it all and be it all (“Cinderella & Superwoman, aggressive and agreeable, smart and stunning”).

I am only two chapters in but the book refers to what is happening to women in society as “the price of success. The way they [men] unconsciously defuse the threat their [women] progress poses to male domination . . . we excel in school, play sports, go to college, get jobs previously reserved for men, be working mothers, and so fourth. But in exchange we must obsess about our faces, weight, breast size, clothing brands, decorating, perfectly calibrated child-rearing, about pleasing men and being envied by other women.”

And I think that is a really interesting concept. Especially to be reading while sweating it out on the elliptical.

gymstairLook at those sweat drops. Fat & calories be burning off – hopefully. But why do I want to be buring fat & calories? Of course I want to be healthy and have a healthy body but ultimately I am working out to LOOK BETTER! Why do I want to look better? Because the media tells me I should. The media and clothing companies tell me I should have a flat stomach so I can rock a crop top this weekend (haha I won’t even try one on). They tell me I should have skinny little legs and the coveted thigh gap. And the most fashionable clothes and no acne and on and on and on.

I know this. I am aware of it. I know I shouldn’t feel this way. But it is hard to stop when you’ve been conditioned to think this way for (almost) 23 years.

So let’s take this week’s workouts to focus on the health in working out. The benefits to your body and your overall health and well being. At least for this week. Next week back to that thigh gap.


One thought on “Why Are You Working Out?

  1. just got off the treadmill and HAD to comment!!!

    -Last week I took the WHOLE week off ( well, 6 days)…. i FORCED myself since the last time I took a full week off was more than 6 months ago in January when I went to Disney World! My workouts were feeling bla and I felt like I had plateau’ed, and was really unmotivated to workout.

    By the end of last week, my motivation was back! I was DYING to workout… and today I PR’ed on one of my usual sprint workouts….dare I say it felt EASY!!! I am on a runners high- yipeeeeee!!! Sometimes less is more in the long run.

    So maybe your body is asking for a break. You really have to listen to your body and make the best educated decision for it. There are usually only 3 answers: 1. nutrition 2. exercise 3. sleep

    hope this helps sister dearest!!!

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