An UP week in couponing!

I was so excited by this week of couponing! I went into CVS & Rite Aid and came out with much better deals than I expected thanks to the CVS Magic Coupon Machine & a coupon fairy in Rite Aid. Sunday I spent a lot of time playing coupon fairy with the huge stack of coupons I had expiring 6/30. I sprinkled them all around CVS, Rite Aid & Pathmark. And a few people came up and thanked me along the way! I love being able to help people save money.



  • Physician’s Formula Lip Gloss – $9.99
  • NYC Duo Eye Liner – $1.99
  • (3) Barilla Penne Whole Wheat Pasta – $1.77
  • Bread – $2.29

Coupons Used

  • $4 off $12 Beauty CVS Coupon
  • $3 off $15 CVS Coupon
  • $3 off Physician’s Formula CVS Coupon
  • $1 off NYC CVS Coupon
  • $1 off 3 Barilla pastas
  • $1 off Physician’s Formula
  • $6 Extra Bucks

Total: Paid $0.61 out of pocket, received $6 extra bucks. Retail Value: $19.58

(Looking at this transaction I did not purchase a single thing on sale!! The Physician’s Formula was a good deal because it was pay $6, get $6. The NYC became a good deal because it let me use the $4 off $12 beauty. And by that time it made sense to use the $3 off $15 and then my out of pocket was only $2 and I wanted to burn my $6 extra bucks. So I decided on the pasta and bread I would have bought at Pathmark!)

Rite Aid

  • Philadelphia Inquirer – $2.00 (Gotta get my coupons!)
  • Oral-B Battery Powered Replacement Brushes – On sale for $5.99. Regular Price: $7.99
  • (2) Nature Made Vitamelts. – $8.99 – On sale, buy one get one free.

Coupons Used:

  • $7 off Oral-B Battery Powered Replacement Brushes
  • $2.25 off Vitamelt
  • $2 off Nature Made Vitamins
  • (2) $2 off Nature Made Vitamins RITE AID Coupon (thanks coupon fairy! I was totally going to get those VitaMelts two for $4 (after coupons) but the coupon fairy made them free for me!)

Total: Paid $1.73 out of pocket. Received $2 UP+. Retail Value: $27.97

Total For Week: Paid: $2.34 for $47.55 worth of items! And I got $6 in Extra Bucks & $2 in UP+ for next week!


Next week make sure you get your $.99 Softsoap body wash (after coupon from CVS magic coupon machine!)


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