Week In Pictures

Every week I feel like I take more and more pictures of my life. Here is a dump from this past week.HOUSE

It has stormed every night this week. On Tuesday I came home from babysitting to find this outside my apartment. Also notice the leaning tree in the background. KLR

I made my second Kiki La Rue purchase! They put out a great coupon code for the Pink Piko a while back since they ordered too many, and since Piko’s never go on sale I had to scoop this up while I could! It is quite big, so I had to belt it, but I really like it belted & paired with leggings! Can’t wait to rock this in the fall.chewyyy

Last weekend I was up and down between Philly & NJ three different times! YIKES. But at least I got to see Chewy and have a mini photo shoot.


Chili’s margarita flat bread. This is literally 1/8 of what I got!

Chili’s was recently giving away coupons to try their new flat breads – FOR FREE. Chili’s is one of the boyfriend & I’s favorite places anyway and I love all things free so I was super excited to try this out. I chose the Margarita flat bread and it was DELICIOUS and HUGE! I took half home and it was just as good heated up for lunch the next day. I highly recommend it. Now I will have even more problems deciding what to order when I go there.


This literally shows 1/4 of the size of the school!

While I was home I happened to drive by my high school. I just passed the 5 year’ out of high school mark last week! In 5 short years I don’t even recognize the place anymore. My class was the last to see the school before construction. Now the place is even more ginormous than when I was there. I don’t know how those kids find their way around.


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