Last night I had a milkshake…

So today I need to burn it off!!

I am currently doing a mission from Smiley360 for F’real, only the most awesome milkshakes you can get from WAWA. They gave me five free coupons which is perfect for my little group of friends!milkshake4

So cute sitting on the steps outside Wawa on a nice summer day.  Loved our free milkshake date!

milkshake1 Just done out of the shaker machine! I got the regular thickness and it was still hard to suck up the straw.

milkshake3  I of course chose the flavor with the most calories, Reese’s!  But they have lower calorie options like strawberry banana smoothie which is what Chloe & Brooke got.

milkshake5Devouring this monster milkshake! Worth every calorie!

So now in order to burn off all of those calories from yesterday I need a killer workout for today.

Treadmill-Speed-WorkoutI am stacking this Treadmill speed workout from Pumps & Iron along with this interval workout.  I need a major fat blaster tomorrow!



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