Powder’ful vs. Dust It

Recently I was given two similar hair products to review. BuzzAgent sent me Got2B’s Powder’ful and I got Schwarzkopf Professional Osis+ Dust It from Influenster in my Spring Vox Box. Both products are supposed to virtually do the same thing: give lift and volume. The Dust It product is also supposed to give texture.

First, you should know that my hair is EXTREMELY thin.  I do have a cowlick in the front of my head which gives me the only natural volume I have.  Otherwise my hair sticks right to my head and doesn’t do anything.  No curl, nothing exciting. So I really wanted so badly for these products to work for me!!

Surprisingly I got similar results with both products which means #1 my hair sucks and #2 I suck at doing all things hair related.


For the got2b I applied the powder directly to my head/roots.  This gave me some very subtle lift, but it wasn’t anything anyone could really notice.  It also made my hair/roots really stiff and weird.


Before & After

Overall I felt like my hair looked good directly after using the product.  I had a teeny bit of lift and volume, but it fell quite quickly. I definitely would not re-buy this product, despite the low price & coupon availability. dustitThen I more recently tried the Dust It product from Schwarzkopf. With this product I also applied it directly to the roots and saw immediate improval in my hair’s volume and texture.


One minute later…..two hours later.

Look at that awesome wild hair in the first picture! My hair looked really awesome directly after using this product – I felt like Mama Laughlin, jackin it to Jesus! I am glad I have picture evidence of this because a few hours later….I looked like the picture on the right, which is pretty typical of my limp hair. Granted, yes, I was outside at the Phillies game, but this was not a hot or humid night. I still want to try this product more for events where I will be inside. Overall my short term results were killer and I would consider repurchasing depending on how further testing goes.

Two negatives, however.  #1 my boyfriend said he could see blue residue in my hair which probably means I didn’t fully rub the stuff in good enough! And I am short so who knows how many people saw my weird blue hair LOL.

#2. My hair was SOOOO STIFF. I could even feel some lingering stiffness the next day after I shampooed my hair. Much stiffer than the Powder’ful.

Verdict/Winner: Schwarzkopf Osis+ Dust It. Based upon immediate usage results.


Disclaimer: I received this product (Got2B Powder’ful) from BzzAgent for testing purposes.  All comments and opinions are my own.  #gotitfree


One thought on “Powder’ful vs. Dust It

  1. Hey! For both products are you rubbing them in and brushing them out? Youtube has good videos if you aren’t sure you’re using them right. Also, no matter what, use hair spray if you’re looking for more lasting effects. I only use those types of products if i skip a day shampooing to soak up the oil. Try using them for that?

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