Week In Pictures

It was an interesting week here in Philadelphia: graduation week! They had a senior champagne toast on Monday that I went to.  Literally the only graduation event that I attended. When Drexel wants to give you free stuff you have to take advantage.  senior1First we got there and I had this teeny little Starbucks which was so cute!  senior2Then I got my free champagne in a commemorative 2013 graduation champagne flute. This was my main reason for attending, free champagne flute! But then I was double fisting drinks and it was difficult to get at the delicious little desserts they were serving.  senior3So then we put our glasses down so we didn’t devour them before the official toast.   I really like this picture with all the glasses lined up.  So neat.  jun9Later in the week I painted my nails this ‘space blue’ color as the little girl I babysit put it. She was a fan. And it is holding up pretty well too.  Gotta love free nail polish.

photo 1

Yesterday as I was heading to the Victoria’s Secret Semi Annual Sale I walked through the filming of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.  The set was so open and cool, they didn’t even shut the street down!  I was on the opposite corner the cast was at.  I got these pics of the main 5 cast members.  You can easily see Danny DeVito up front there.

photo 2(3)The scene they were shooting was a walk and talk.  I’ll be interested to see the episode when it airs; I always love to see Philadelphia used in tv/movies.



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