Workout Wednesday – Better, Strong, Faster

On Monday I beat my goal of completing a 7:45 mile!  This is 7 seconds faster than last week’s time.  Now I need a new goal for next week.  Any ideas?


Today I did an interval workout on the treadmill inspired by Bess at Bess Be Fit. I did a little spin of the workout she did on Tuesday…made a few changes to fit to my current speeds.


Woo was this ever difficult. Bess did her rest at 6.5!  I originally wanted to do mine at 5.5 but I was simply toooo exhausted after only doing 3 of them.  So I lowered my rest to 4.0.  What a workout.  I was totally drenched.

Other workouts this week….

Yesterday I did Mama Laughlin’s arm workout. I am determined to get rid of my arm fat. Since I started working out my arm muscles have definitely gotten bigger and more toned, but I still have all the arm fat so it looks like my arms are extra huge!  😦

Tomorrow I am planning on doing the workout that Skinny Meg posted today for Workout Wednesday.  I am loving this linkup, so many good workout ideas.



2 thoughts on “Workout Wednesday – Better, Strong, Faster

  1. I just saw this interval workout on Skinny Meg’s link up. I can’t wait to try it later this week. I’m loving her link up too. I’m constantly looking for new workouts to try.

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