Newest Obsession: Diamond Candles

I have been dying to write this post for a while now but couldn’t because I didn’t want my mother (who literally reads & likes every post) to read it because my sister and I just got her a Diamond Candle for a belated Mother’s Day present.

Someone I know recently posted their Diamond Candle on Instagram and I had never heard of them before!  So I took to youtube and the great internets and was literally obsessed with watching these ring discovery videos for hours a while.

And when my obsession became overpowering I decided that my mom and I had to have one.

candle3I got the cupcake scent of course.  I could smell it the second I pulled it out of the box.  DELICIOUS.  I love when my house smells like cupcakes.

candle1The ring hiding in the candle!  My boyfriend literally thought the gold was the ring. Haha! Silly boy. I was so good and patient waiting for my ring. Literally burned it non stop until the top of the gold packaging was peeking through, then I scooped it out!

photo 2(2)Here is my ring!  Not the blingy one I was hoping for that I saw in a lot of videos, but it is still nice.  I purposely left out my manicure because it is looking terrible.  I know, no excuses, I have a ton of free nail polish.  I’ll get on it tomorrow.

I can’t wait to see what ring my mom gets! And I am dying to get another candle. They literally last forever and smell so great!


One thought on “Newest Obsession: Diamond Candles

  1. We’re glad you love the candles! Cupcake is one of our most popular scents! 🙂

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