Workout Wednesday

Woo I have been having some great workouts this week.  I am hoping that some of the new things I am doing will bring me results!

Monday – last week I set the goal to do one mile in 7:45. I was soooo close in 7:48. I did 3/4 of the mile at a 7:41 pace, but the treadmill takes about 10 seconds to actually get up to that speed. So I went .2 faster for the last quarter mile and only wound up getting 7:48. Next week I’ll sprint longer to hopefully get that under 7:45. I think I can go 7:40 even.

One MileI finished up with 10 minutes of my new BFF, the stair master and 3 x 30 body weight squats. My boyfriend recently told me that I am not doing squats correctly so I did all of these with my new form. And what do you know Skinny Meg, who is hosting Workout Wednesday, posted a video of how to do a squat! I still am slightly confused.  My boyfriend said I was sticking my butt out too much when I should have been going straight down. It’s difficult and awkward doing it the ‘correct’ way but I guess I just have to get used to it.

Tuesday – I did a major tricep day. I really just Googled any and all tricep exercises I could do with free weights at home and did about 3 x 10-15 reps of all of them.

Today – Today I did Nicole from Pumps & Iron ‘s speed workout on the treadmill. I am all about intervals right now.  Treadmill-Speed-WorkoutAnd again I finished off with a 10 minute fat blaster on the stair master. I love that thing, it is so killer. I don’t know what makes me like a certain machine or activity. The elliptical is a great workout, but I hate its guts. Certain hurts are just more accepting than others I guess.

Tomorrow I am going to do chest and abs. Friday will be more interval running and legs.

I am also trying to get on my healthier eating. I found a few great people to follow on Instagram who post really great recipes for healthy food that tastes great. They even have recipes for mug cakes and cheesecakes! The common thing I am finding in most recipes is coconut flour. Everyone uses coconut flour.  So I bought some. This is a really simple change to be healthier so I am excited to try it out.



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