Summer time and the tv is trashy

So I have been having some serious writers block for posts lately! I haven’t made any interesting food/treats, didn’t want to post back to back workout posts, and am not ready for a haul post yet this week. But after watching the season finale of Secret Life of the American Teenager today (finale aired last night) I kinda wanted to talk about all of the awesome tv shows coming up for summer. Summer tv is trashy and awesome and I can’t wait for these shows to start. I will be the first one to tell you I keep up with way too many television shows.  But I love them all and keep adding new ones to my to watch list.

My Summer Watch List:


I don’t care what anyone says – seriously one of the best shows on tv, despite being on ABC Family. So mysterious and literally keeps you on the edge of your seat all season. Love love love.

The Newsroomthe-newsroom

Ok, this is the one show that I am watching for summer that isn’t trashy. But hey, it’s my major, my future. I really loved this show in the first season and hope the second season is just as good!

Teen Wolfteenwolfs3

The premier was last night and my boyfriend looks over and says “I want to watch this just so I can make fun of you.” haha. Such trash, but oh so good. And they added even more hotness by getting the Desperate Housewives twins. This also looks really juicy this season.

Big Brother


Sadly, I will not be a house guest this season, but I am hoping that someone I met when I auditioned will be!

True Blood


Oh True Blood. There was a time you’d have been my #1 summer show. Last season was just so bad. I hope they turn this show around, but really this will probably by the last season I watch.

And let’s not kid ourselves…I’m also watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Married to Jonas, and Awkward.

What are you watching this summer?  Do you prefer summer tv to typically school year tv?


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