Milestone Madness

After easily breaking last week’s fitness goal Karla suggested that I should break 35 minutes for 4 miles.  And I sure was close to it!  This is 33 seconds faster than I was last week!  Who knew I could actually run, you guys?  I think speed is easier on the treadmill  because it sets your constant pace and the only way to go slower is if you lower the speed.


Next week I am breaking 35:00!  This was an incredibly difficult time to get, but I think I am so much more motivated when I am racing against the clock.

Today’s workout?

Run .25 at 8.6mph

Walk .10 at 3.3 mph

Repeat 10 times

I do this workout at least once a week and just get faster and faster!  I hate it and love it at the same time.

Tomorrow’s Workout?





6 thoughts on “Milestone Madness

  1. i’M proud of yoU! run with me this summer!!!!

  2. Your doing great!!

  3. I noticed on MaMa Laughlins it says 10 pound weights, are you using the ones I got u?

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