Finally A Product I Love

Of course it took a million dollar hair treatment to make me feel like my hair doesn’t suck.  But since it works, I am in.  My mom recently sent me WEN Cleansing Conditioner because I was complaining that my hair was looking like complete crap.  Just flat and damaged and split ends and awfulness. I literally blow dry my hair once a week, if that.  I let it air dry 6 days a week.  And I can’t remember the last time I used a straightener – yet still, crappy hair.  I have been using WEN for about a month now and I can see a real difference – and that is huge for me because I can’t even tell a difference between Pepsi and Coke.  Since beginning WEN my hair is definitely softer, shinier, bouncier, and no longer looks dead and lifeless!!  I mean, sure, I still have a few split ends here and there, but it doesn’t look terrible!


Yes, it is expensive.  Yes, you have to use a million pumps with each shower.  Yes, you MUST read and follow the directions.  But I love this product.  I love the routine of it and I love the effects of it.  I can’t wait to order more and try a different scent.



3 thoughts on “Finally A Product I Love

  1. you look fantastic in that picture little one!

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