Breaking Goals

Miss Karla prompted me to join the Under Armour What’s Beautiful campaign.  They make you set a goal for yourself, yuck. I have been challenging myself to run faster lately…doing a lot of really fast interval training and some short 2 mile runs at a fast pace. So for my goal I wanted to challenge myself to really pick up some speed on my longer runs.  I used to do one 5 mile run a week but have kinda cut it out in the past few weeks favoring interval training runs. My 5 mile PR is 45:25 and that was really challenging. I guess overall that is a 9:05 mile, right? Somehow I thought breaking 45 minutes for 5 miles would be too challenging and I just hate 5 miles.  So I made my goal to break 36 minutes for 4 miles. And I truly did think that this would be a challenging goal for me.


Apparently, not challenging enough.  I gave 4 miles a shot yesterday to get a starting point and I broke my goal in one try. I typically start long runs around a 9:30-9:22 mile and go up .1 mph with every mile. And that usually is very tiring!  Seems I can push myself harder. This 35:40 was very difficult and that 8:20 mile you see is not what I am doing the entire time obvi. That’s my last minute sprint! Guess I need a new goal now.  Any ideas?

Yesterday I was also reallllly sore from Tuesday’s workout.  Weight training kicks my ass sometimes.

Today I reallly didn’t want to workout.  I looked at a house in the morning when I would typically do my workout with Wendy (Wendy Williams, how you doing?) but today I worked out in the afternoon. I usually like my Thursday workouts because Skinny Meg hosts Workout Wednesdays.  This week’s workout I am borrowing from Mama Laughlin.


No, I didn’t do this workout in my driveway because I sadly do not have one 😦 Add another reason why I need to get out of the city! But OMG this workout was so much harder than I was expecting. Sweating bullets with the fan on full blast. But woo I feel accomplished. And I did some arms just cuz I like to get in some arm reps on every indoor workout day.


2 thoughts on “Breaking Goals

  1. Yay way to go Alex !!!!!!

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