Mac Mart – gotta try this mac & cheese


Mac Mart is my absolutely favorite food truck!  Campus has absolutely exploded with food trucks this year – more than just your typical breakfast sandwiches and grill items – really gourmet specialty food.  When I first spotted Mac Mart I was actually on the treadmill and saw the truck drive by on the street.  I looked it up and was delighted to find out they were going to be stationed at Drexel.  Since they have started, Mac Mart has literally BLOWN UP.  They are so beyond popular right now.  People travel from miles away to come get some of this awesome mac.

Marti who is the brainchild behind the truck is super nice and is really active on Twitter.  Follow them to find out where you can get your hands on this awesome mac each day.



Look at how incredible this Mac looks!  This is the Italian Mac – PLAIN!  And oh so delicious.  You can add tons of amazing mix ins – but I am cheap and just stick to the Original or Italian mac plain.

This does not fit into my better eating plan  – but I didn’t eat any chocolate/dessert last week in preparation for an event, and I treated myself to a delicious lunch.  Totally worth it!!


2 thoughts on “Mac Mart – gotta try this mac & cheese

  1. I saw them on KYW3 one morning last week ~ looked good! Don’t call yourself cheap, you are frugile!!


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