Sidecar, best thing since taxis

I don’t know if you guys have heard about SideCar, but it is pretty much the coolest thing ever. Basically it is a ride sharing tool, which is good for traffic and the environment! SideCar has an app which connects people who need rides with drivers who are able to give rides.

For some reason everyone I tell about this is creep-ed out. They don’t like the whole “getting into cars with strangers” thing I guess. But SideCar is totally safe. Not only do they screen all of their drivers, but they also use GPS to track every ride. When you accept a ride you can watch a virtual car drive across the map of Philly as it gets closer and closer to you. It also gives you a picture of your driver, their name, phone number and picture of the car that will be picking you up.


SideCar has run into a bit of trouble along their journey to take over as the most awesome mode of transportation in Philadelphia. The silly PPA thought of them as a taxi service and shut them down for a bit. But there really is no stopping Side Car. Especially after they had a couple weekends where they offered free rides so people could try them out.

And of course free is for me, so I took advantage of some free rides!

My boyfriend and I wanted to go to Sugar House that particular weekend and didn’t want to take an expensive cab or walk in the cold to the subway, so it was a good time to try this out. On both trips to and from Sugar House we had great drivers who were nice and talkative, and it was really an enjoyable experience hearing about how and why they got involved in SideCar.

Another recent trip with Side Car came when my boyfriend and I were hanging out at a friend’s house across the city. There really is no convenient way for us to get back to where we live from where they live. And neither my boyfriend or I had any cash on us….and we all know how taxis love that. It was also 1:50am so the subway/trolly was about to stop running. So I hit up Sidecar and we were on our way in less ten minutes! I was also able to pay using my credit card, which I had already hooked up to the app. Thank goodness for SideCar on that night!

SideCar currently runs from 5p-3a on most days, but sometimes they have extended hours on weekends and for events/holidays. Follow them on Twitter to get the scoop on these happenings, and free rides!


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