Week of coupon fail

Ah this was such a frustrating week of couponing. Both of the big deals I wanted to do didn’t work out for me.

#1 target’s shelves were cleared of both the toothpaste and Bounce. Fail.
#2 I also tried the Dollar General deal …it didn’t print the $10 Catalina. Fail.

I was able to get 2 free Zyrtecs and the free candy bar from CVS. No out of pocket, all free! And the Zyrtec is really helpful for my boyfriend’s allergies so I am happy with that.

There are some deals I have my eye on for next week…we’ll see how things pan out!



5 thoughts on “Week of coupon fail

  1. You can get free stuff every week!

  2. I seriously have at least one couponing fail every time I go to the store. Doesn’t matter when I go, somebody always has to clear the shelf of at least one of the things I am trying to buy! Free razors this week at Walgreens…IF the shelf’s not empty!

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