What workout is the right workout?

A friend from high school recently posted this article on Facebook about how women should not run. The woman who writes the article talks about how all her friends keep sweating it out on the treadmill…only to get fatter.

And I have really been conflicted by this.  I have been doing 3-5 days of cardio (running on the treadmill mainly) since January and haven’t seen any differences in my body at all.  I know I definitely do not eat the best, but I do try to eat healthy when I can.  I have my green smoothie every morning, I try to have a healthy snack every 3 hours, I have cut my dinner portion sizes, am drinking more water, etc.  After reading that article I have been trying to do more weight training and I have already seen some difference in my arms.

Now I am focusing on 2-3 days of cardio and 3-4 days of weight training a week.  When I do get in cardio I am focusing more on interval training which is said to burn fat for hours after workouts.  So when I saw this workout from Nicole of Pumps & Iron it seemed right up my alley.  Now I typically don’t hit speeds over 8.5 mph but I figured I could do them for really short sprints like these.


Obviously the 1 mile was pretty easy at that speed and even the first group at 7mph was really easy so I bumped it up a bit each time.  Once it gets fast – it gets rough! Completely out of breath and wanna die, but it goes by quickly because the end of the workout is such short bursts. I just tell myself that I can do anything for 30/15 seconds. I am, however,  always afraid of falling off the treadmill with the side rail stands.  I don’t wanna be that person in the gym who falls off the treadmill while there are a tour of high schoolers watching.

On my lifting days I have been doing a lot of Skinny Meg workouts!  Arms & Legs,  Beast Mode Arm Workout.  Her workouts are great, and hey, they work for her, she looks fab!

What do you think about the running article?  Should I cut down on how much running I do?


2 thoughts on “What workout is the right workout?

  1. Don’t cut out running- keep it to intervals an short stuff 2-3 times a week. A great strength tool I am obsessed with is the Nike Training Club App! All you need is dumb bells, perfect for beginners and advanced users. Workouts from 15-45 minutes and its free!!!

  2. I like the workout! But I’m not entirely sure that article is 100%accurate. He’s got a lot of facts to back it up, which are all true but on different levels. Like for instance how cardio makes you less strong. Yah that’s true, that’s why all the linemen are 300+ lbs and not doing sprint workouts to loose a little weight bc it will decrease their power output, but as an average human being trying to maintain an active lifestyle, you want to be well rounded and include a mix of running (cardio) and weights plus eating healthy.

    As far as how he says human beings aren’t meant to run, it’s not true. Look at the country of Kenya who produces some of the fastest distance runners for example. They don’t use fancy treadmills for training, they train and run on trails and pathways often connecting towns and villages. Also, centuries before us included any type of messaging to be delivered via running. The way our bodies have adapted over time is because we, as part of the US human race, have gotten lazier and have adapted.
    For one whole summer all I did was run on the treadmill. I didn’t get results, however, once I started running outside, I did see an improvement in muscle tone and I got faster. Plus I leaned that the angle of incline on a treadmill when it’s flat can cause stress on your ankle and shins resulting in pain, so it’s better (not always easier) to run outdoors. Plus mentally it’s more stimulating. I also added weight circuits and that combination gives you the best results I think.

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