Why Philadelphia Should NOT Host the 2024 Olympics

I am firmly against my city of Philadelphia hosting the Olympics.  I love the Olympics.  I love Philadelphia.  I do not think the two should mingle.

1.) The Olympics are not a good investment

While the Olympics do generate a lot of revenue, the majority of that revenue is typically already spent getting ready for the games with the building of infrastructure.

“Diverting scarce capital and other resources from more productive uses to the Olympics very likely translates into slower rates of economic growth than that which could be realized in the absence of hosting the Olympic Games.” – Mark Perryman, author of The Olympics Are Not Good For Us, And How They Can Be 

2.) We already have a reputation – we don’t need it to get worse.

I can attest to the fact that Philadelphia definitely has some of the most aggressive and nasty fans in America.  We’re passionate and we love our teams.  But hey, we booed Santa Clause and the world will never forgive us.  I mean, sure, the games could go great and the positive PR could do wonders for our reputation.  But, let’s be honest, this is Philadelphia.  Something would go wrong and we’d never recover.

3.) Athletes are idiots – we have enough of them in Philly already

Spain’s Men’s Basketball team trashes hotel – 14k in damages

Us Hockey players trash athlete’s village – 1k in damages

4.) There are more important things we should be focusing on & spending our money on

Philly Public Schools Underfunded & Overburdened

Murder rate up 24% in 2012

Philadelphia rated #6 dirtiest city



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