Penguin Adventure

For this week’s Too Cute Tuesday linkup, hosted by Megan & Kenzie, I wanted to share my penguin adventure from this weekend! The boyfriend may or may not have an obsession with penguins…something about them looking like they’re wearing little tuxedos and the funny way they walk. So for Christmas one year I got him the Positively Penguins package from Adventure Aquarium. Between my crew schedule and basically being busy living life, we just hadn’t had the chance to go!

It was a pretty awesome experience. Immediately we got to go behind “aquarium staff only” doors and into the penguin building. The building part of the exhibit is where the penguins go to sleep at night and where they can just go to hang out inside during the day if they want.  We were one on one with four different penguins who were waddling around the building. We got to watch them interact and got to pet them!  We got our picture taken with a penguin and even had a penguin do a personal painting for each of us. Our painter penguin, Liberty, had his feet dipped in paint and then walked across a canvas!  One of a kind penguin painting! Our guides gave us one on one interaction with the penguins, told us all about penguins and answered all of our questions. We even got to see the newest baby penguin, Cassanova. Did you know that you can’t tell the sex of a penguin until they are 6 months old? And you need a blood test?  Crazy!  So the baby penguin will become Cassie if it is a girl, and Nova, if it is a boy. So interesting! Afterwards we were able to explore the entire aquarium where we saw other really awesome animals that you would never have a chance to see outside the aquarium.

Below are some pictures of my Penguin Adventure, aren’t they so cute?



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