Chewy’s Wardrobe

Did you catch the episode of TLC’s My Crazy Obsession where the woman is obsessed with her squirrel? And she has thousands of outfits she dresses him up in? Well my mom isn’t that crazy but Chewy’s wardrobe could rival mine. And it does since my mom gave him my closet!

Dog clothes are so cheap and cute that you just can’t help but take home every cute item you see. I thought I would give you a glimpse into Chewy’s wardrobe today for Too Cute Tuesday.

Yes, Chewy’s clothes are hung on baby hangers. This may or may not be his entire wardrobe. There’s always something of his going through the wash.


I picked out some of his outfits that I really like.  Chewy is famous for his Drexel Crew jacket.  He has made quite a few times while wearing it.


Linking up with Kenzie & Megan for Too Cute Tuesday!


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